6 Reasons Why Shady Girl Shades- Sunglasses Are A Must!

Shady Girl SmileGet this...  Recently I had an eye exam. I was told that I had the beginning signs of cataracts! WHAT? Yeah, I know😟!

When I was younger; I was never one to wear sunglasses. The optometrist said that to help avoid further damage, I should wear sunglasses every day.

I was also getting crow's feet from squinting.  My solution in the past was to get Botox. Don’t get me wrong, I still get Botox, but now I wear my Shady Girl Shades every day. Here’s why:

According to The American Optometric Association, folks should ALWAYS wear sunglasses during daylight hours. Even if it’s cloudy!

Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. Not only do they (1) block out the sun’s harmful rays, but they also (2) block (HEV) High Energy Visible light and blue light (what we see on our devices).

Wearing 100% UV protective sunglasses will (3) minimize damage to the delicate skin around the eyes and (4) help to avoid eye ailments such as (5) cataracts and (6) macular degeneration.

So as you can see (no pun intended), wearing sunglasses is much more than just looking fab!  

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Wishing you Peace, Love and Sunny Days,


Donna DeStefano

President & CEO, Shady Girl Shades